The Woodstock Residents’ Association and the Salt River Residents’ Association proposes the creation of a Neighbourhood Innovation Labs. The NIL would be a neighbourhood-based partnership with the City of Cape Town to:

  • co-design activities and explore possible solution for Woodstock and Salt River;
  • bring together local residents associations, local government, academia and educational organizations, NPO, sportive
    and faith-based organizations and local business;
  • collaborate with the Woodstock Improvement District (WID) and the Salt River Business Improvement District (RSBID)
    and the Community Police Forum and help to to circulate the information about their activities to establish an effective local network in Woodstock and Salt River without replicating existing structures.

We propose that NIL be open 1 day a week from 12 noon to 7pm at the Woodstock Town Hall and be staffed by at least 2 people, one from the City and one from Civics organizations. We propose to use the Woodstock Town Hall. The Hall would be used as a location for the Information Point and for larger public meetings. We can also use the space in the Public Library for small meeting or workshops and the Public Park in front for community events. We also propose to use the Salt River Hall for all meetings and events immediately related to the Salt River area.

Neighbourhood Innovation Labs is: A shared space – A learning space – An activation space

Neighbourhood Innovation Labs structure

NOTE: the proposal below is just an idea for possible activities. If we agree to realise this project, we need to define together a more complete and accurate program of activities.

Information point:

  • All information about the social housing projects;
  • How to access to the various City Services;
  • How to access to the various organisations and resources in the community;
  • Volunteers Connection Point to connect citizens who want to be volunteers and organisations looking for volunteers.

Program of activities:

1) Co-design workshops

  • Mapping resources and issues in the neighbourhood;
  • Open spaces – redefining the use of the public space;
  • Trafalgar Park – from the Master Plan to the Implementation Plan;
  • Reimagining the business space at the Salt River Market.

2) Informative meetings

  • How do you register with the City as food vendor and as City suppliers?
  • How do you register on the City housing database?
  • How do you access to the housing at Communicare and other social housing companies?
  • How does the City support you opening a small business?

3) Citizens meeting

  • Meeting with all NPO in the neighbourhood to share information and set up a NPO Forum;
  • Voluntary activities, connect citizens that want to be volunteers and organisations looking for volunteers. Possible issues: How to help people living in the streets? How to support children at schools? How to support our Public Library?


Neighbourhood Innovation Labs