17 August 2017

First meeting, eight Civic Associations in Cape Town met to explore the possibility of a 
Civic-led By-law on participation

Observatory Community Centre

9 September 2017

Co-design workshop attended by 20 participants from 10 civic structures brainstormed broad principles for a manifesto to guide the process going forward

Observatory Community Centre

14 December 2017

Manifesto for a new Civic Participation By-law in Cape Town was elaborated from 
the Co-design Workshop.

22 November 2017

From Guatemala to Cape Town: practices of Citizen Participation

Speaker: Walter Flores

UCT Health Sciences Campus

21 April 2018 

A working group is formed to write the By-law draft. The first draft is prepared and distributed to all civics for comments and suggestions.

5 September 2018
How to Steal a City: public event on municipal capture

Observatory Community Centre

November 2018

A Second draft of the By-law is prepared and distributed to all civics for comments and suggestion. 

October 272018

Workshop: The City as a Democratic Common
Observatory Community Centre

16 January 2019

Workshop: State of the Civics

Observatory Community Centre

9 February 2019

Workshop: The Affordable Housing Crisis in our City and Suburbs

Observatory Community Centre

9 March 2019

Workshop: Re-imagining Civic Action

Athlone High School

14 August 2019

Seminar: The Ward Councillor Accountability

Tshisimani – Centre for Activist Education

12 September 2019

22 Civic Organisations sign a letter asking the Mayor, Dan Plato,
 an appointment to discuss The Manifesto for a new Civic Participation By-law in Cape Town
 and the draft of By-law on civic participation

23 September 2019

Meeting with the Mayor, Dan Plato. The City committed to set up a workshop with the Civics to examine the By-law and to invite Civic Orgnisations to future meetings with the City of Cape Town to revisit participation processes. 

Cape Town Civic Centre

18 October 2019

Seminar: The right to the city. Collaboration between communities and the city for the care and regeneration of urban commons in Italy

Speaker: Daniela Ciaffi

UCT Health Sciences Campus

19 October 2019

Cape Town as a democratic common
Seminar: How local legislation can support and nurture public participation

Seminar: Community land trust, community 
co-operative… innovative legal entities for managing common goods 

The Castle of Good Hope

Civic Action for Public Participation – Timeline