The organization of the festival took place within the Monitors group Training activity that is supported by the Woodstock Resident Association and from the Heinrich Böll Foundation – Cape Town office.

The Monitoring group was recently established within the occupation. The tasks and roles of this group are still in debate, their activity generally should act to improve the social dynamics within the occupation and to support the structure of elected leaders.

The organization of the Festival represented an important element of self-organization of the group and strengthening of the role both in relation to the leadership and of the residents of Cissi Gool House.

The group of monitors organized and entirely managed the organization of the Festival which was characterized as a conscious choice to intervene in the construction or reconstruction of community bonds, in strengthening personal relationships within the group of monitors and, more generally, to increase the authoritativeness (not the authority) of the monitors.

The festival took place on Saturday December 14th at the Melbourne Park at the back of Cissie Gool House in Victoria Walk. We registered 49 children to participate in the activities and around one hundred residents participated in the activities during the day.

Cissie Gool House Festival – Organising the Festival

Cissie Gool House Common Festival – 14 December 2019

Cissie Gool House Commons Festival