By Andrea Couvert

Five short videos, a visual story-telling of the “Mamas 8.0” computer workshop for the Women’s Network group of Philippi, Cape Town.

During the 5 days full-time course the participants learnt how to use Gmail, Google Search, Blogger and Facebook on computers as well as on different mobile platforms.

The team of trainers belongs to Rlabs, a NGO specialising in new technologies and media training, while the project “MAMAS 8.0” has been designed by Maria Rosa Lorini as part of her PhD in Information Systems at University of Cape Town (UCT), which involves extensive research on community empowerment and is sponsored by the South African National Research Foundation.

The 5 videos were shot during the workshop, one per day, edited and posted on social media on the same day.

This experience gave me the occasion to explore the possibilities offered by the latest applications and technologies to create video narratives by shooting, editing and sharing video during an event.

Although real-time video production requires familiarity with specific technologies, its 2 most important aspects are clarity on content and meanings (in order to represent them properly) and good work organisation (to ensure optimal results within the specific time-frame an on the quality of the final products).

All video are shot, edit and post on social media every day.

By Andrea Couvert

A video story in five steps